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The Imaginaerium Engine - Green Book


Book 1 in the Imaginaerium Engine series!

Life in their sleepy town was routine for Maggie and her brother - until one Saturday afternoon in October when a freaky woman dressed in black stepped off of the bus from Fort Worth and walked into their mother's hotel.

She said that her name was Mrs. Johnson, but later Maggie learned that it wasn't. It was really Vivienne and she definitely wasn't who she had seemed to be...

Suddenly Maggie's world was flipped upside down with Vivienne's talk about saving the Imaginaerium Engine. Curious, Maggie asked, "What's an Imaginaerium Engine?"

Life got so crazy after that....

The Imaginaerium Engine - Blue Book

Book 2 in the Imaginaerium Engine series!

Maggie must find a new source of power for the portals to the Otherworlds - while also trying to prevent Lord Bres from seizing the Engine’s heart!

Everyone says Bres is evil. Áine even calls him the Lord of Darkness.
Is he really that evil?

When he talks to Maggie, he's so nice - it's confusing. Who should she believe? Bres or her friends?

This quest is just killing her!

Coming ... June 2021





The Imaginaerium Engine - Red Book

Book 3 in the Imaginaerium Engine series!



The Red Book is currently in work.

This is the final book in The Imaginaerium Engine series.

Lit Fiction and Short Story Collections...


Cocobolo is a collection of narrative related short stories.

French Defense

French Defence is a dramatic fiction narrative

WTexas in 2 Plays

WTexas in 2 Plays is a dramatic fiction narrative