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Writers and Authors....

Otter Track Press is a relatively new imprint of MRose Group, LLC and is adding to our group of published authors. We are interested in publishing the work of new writers and will accept a limited number of unsolicited manuscripts for review as well as all agented manuscripts provided they comply with our submission guidelines with the following understanding:

We are a regional lit press - that means:

  • We are small but open to work by new, previously unpublished writers.
  • We are regionally based but globally focused - we might be located in Alabama but we aren't interested in stereotypical pieces of or about the South.
  • We do not charge a reading fee - it doesn't take long to see if a writer is talented, if the piece fits with our worldview of literature, and if our guidelines were followed. If the piece doesn't fit we can't and won't be able to spend resources on publishing and promoting it.
  • Our Manuscript Guidelines!

We are a lit press so we aren't interested in publishing religious, political, self-help, poetry, home-repair, etc. books.

  • We are not interested in publishing popular fiction - although there could be exception here if it is strange and creative enough - but then it probably wouldn't be popular fiction if it were interesting to us.
  • We promote our titles for bookstores everywhere - as we said we try to have a global focus. Our mission statement is to democratize the publishing process - all writers should have a chance to become authors if their work is worth reading.

If we like your work and choose to publish it we will work with you to promote both yourself and your work.

We currently publish the titles from the following author but are looking for others to add to our catalogue:



... a regional indie press, we are a member of IBPA (the Independent Book Publishers Association) and are a committed supporter of Indie book sellers and a member of ...

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